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My Evo Is The First Phone I’ve Loved

I have a decent-length history with cellphones. I’m old enough that when I was a teenager, teenagers having cellphones was not common yet did occur. I was also not one of them. I’m old enough that, when I finally did get a cell phone after graduating high school, the phone did not have a camera in it. It was a Samsung phone. It was silver. That phone was horrible, but it did what it was supposed to do. I never texted with it.

After a while I upgraded to another dumbphone. Another Samsung. This one was red, but with a big black stripe down the middle. It was probably the first phone I liked. It had a camera. 1 megapixel or something. It was centered in the hinge and could rotate to face away or towards the holder. It was technically able to play MP3s, but it had one of those tiny headphone jacks so I couldn’t use real headphones. It kinda sucked. It had buttons on the front though and you could kinda listen if you played it over speaker and put it to your ear. One time I used it to play a song for my then-girlfriend. She didn’t really enjoy the song, nor the tinny-sounding speaker it was coming through, so we turned it off.

Somewhere around the time my contract was up on that phone, Android was coming out. And by Android, I mean the G1. The first Android phone. I’d been following along and frankly I loved the ideas Android proposed. True cloud-based sync. Unified data notification. Extensibility in virtually every area (apps, carriers, hardware design). I decided I wanted to be in from the beginning. I left Verizon and my cheap Samsung dumbphone and got the G1 on T-Mobile. Handset upgrade, network downgrade. I was taken aback with how much I could do with the G1, in the same way that someone who’s never had candy before is taken aback by candy corn. I suppose, technically, yes, it’s much better than what I’d previously had, but that didn’t change the fact that it wasn’t as great as it could be. Also, fact: candy corn is more disgusting than calamari deep-fried in goat’s blood.

I suppose I can say I loved my G1. I mean, I did. I was sad to see it go. I even tried to make sure someone would keep using it, which is more than I could say for my old dumbphones. But I never felt coequal with my G1. I loved it like a victim of domestic abuse. I would shower praise on it, and it would repay the favor by lagging when I tried to show it off to one of my iPhone-owning friends. I would lovingly download apps, and it would get slower and slower, even forcing me to uninstall some of them because it had such a low storage capacity. I loved it because I chose to, despite the crap it gave me.

Then, this year, I got my Evo. If the G1 abused me, the Evo showered me with love. I do still have to treat it well, though that’s to be expected. After my initial install rush of 100+ apps, there was an at least slightly noticeable lag. But my Evo still shows me love. It let’s me take up as much of that oh-so-comfortable 4.3” screen with my fingers as I desire. It lets me fiddle with the kickstand without ever breaking. It never ceases to have some new app available. Oh, and it’s always so diligent to stay on top of the most current releases. When I was hoping for Froyo, it was the first phone, besides the Nexus One to get any. And my Evo shared it all with me.

I rely on my Evo every day for texts, calls, chats. I blog with it. I read news with it. I read books with it. Facebook. YouTube. All of my music, both my subscription to ThumbPlay and my local music in doubleTwist, it manages all of it. I cover my homescreens with widgets, some I don’t even need, and it never slows down or gets tired.

I suppose occasionally, it does need a rest. It regularly asks me for a battery recharge in the middle of the day. But you know what? I don’t expect a Hummer to get good gas mileage. And for all that this phone does for me, it’s the least I can do to give it a USB charging cable to use while I’m at work. No biggie, Evo. You take what you need.

In fact, I’ll even give you your own little dock in my car. You’re always playing my music for me, so why not have your own special place while we go driving. What’s that? You’ll go ahead and give me directions with Google Navigation while you’re up here? *sigh* Evo. You are just too good to me.

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